Welcome to the Top Hat Mafia Website

First of all, we are a casual guild that focuses on socialization of all its members as well as progression. A lot of Top Hat Mafia members, both current and in the past remain close friends using Discord as a way to communicate, as well as facebook, text and even visits to one another. Some of Top Hat Mafia's members have even gotten together for Thanksgiving and other events throughout the year. This is not required, nor what happens to all members of Top Hat Mafia, but we do like to hear your real voice and get to know you as a person.

About Us Currently?
We are an active guild. It is our hope to make new friends, create new bonds within the guild, enhance our raid group, and keep building the guild and its membership. We currently have a GM, a CoGM as well as 3 dedicated officers who are willing to help anyone who becomes a member. Top Hat Mafia has members that know their class very well, so if you need help, our officers can point you to the right person. We also have recruiters with goals to find new members and to encourage other members to recruit as well. We are on Facebook. We use it for communication to all members.

We are an active guild enjoying the laughter on Discord, Raiding, doing Keystone Mythics and other guild events like virtual birthday parties, and progressing through content whether you're a new toon starting at level 1 all the way up to a level 110.

What can this guild do for you?
We want to provide a guild that supports its member's in whatever they want to do in the game. Whether it's raiding, pvp, quest progression, power leveling, farming for gold, achievements, or mounts. Whatever you want to accomplish, we want to facilitate your goals. If you want to switch specs and need some information, we are here to help. If you want to know about a certain item, we have the answer. Of course, we use Wowhead and other helpful sites just as much as others if we don't have the answer ourselves.

Guild Information:
- 8 bank tabs
- Free Repairs (up to a certain amount based on your guild status)
- Discord account for talking to each other
- Facebook group
- Plenty of help for raiding, leveling, and other content.

If you are interested in our guild and want to join, fill out a guild request or try looking for the following toons on Lightbringer and ask them to invite you:

GM: Koenigish (John)
Co-GM and Treasurer: Goturcakes (Tammy)
Officers: (soon to be added)
Recruiter and Raid Leader: Warelock (Rex)

Thank You and we hope you choose us as your Guild,

John Parlett (GM)